Could you please help me generate following function and solve the integral?

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I want to solve this integral, and for that i need to create a function for this integral. Please look at the screenshot in the attachement.
could you please help me create this function and eventually solve this integral?
This integral is supposed to find area under the curve for the peaks in the plot, the screenshot of Plot is also attached.
Muneeb Fida
Muneeb Fida on 1 Jun 2022
Thanks, but the values of the gamma-function could be taken from the y-axis of the plot (screenshot of plot is also attached), does that give you more Info to help me furhter, or could i somehow work my way around to solve this with the given Information only?
Muneeb Fida

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 1 Jun 2022
To calculate the area under a curve specified by numerical arrays (x and y) you can use trapz:
A = trapz(x,y);
% Or in your case:
A = trapz(tau,gamma);

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