PDE Toolbox solution array along a line, to then find the mean value

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I'm have solved Poisson's equation for simple rectangular geometry using the PDE Toolbox. I exported the solution and mesh and now I want to find u along a line so that I can then find its average.
It is a rectangle with bottom boundary at y = -0.8 and x = -0.5 to 0.4. This is what I was trying to type in the command line:
F = pdeInterpolant(p,t,u);
x = -0.5:0.4;
y = -0.8;
uOut = evaluate(F,x,y)
But this only returns one value. I am looking for an array of values so that I can use mean(uOut) to find the average.
I also want to find the the mean normal component of u into the page at the same position.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Bill Greene
Bill Greene on 29 Jan 2015
The evaluate function is returning only one value because the length of your x and y vectors is one. Maybe you want something like this:
F = pdeInterpolant(p,t,u);
n = 10;
x = linspace(-.5,.4,n);
y(1:n) = -.8;
uOut = evaluate(F,x,y)
to interpolate along the line between x=-.5 and x=.4
Bill Greene
Bill Greene on 31 Jan 2015
PDE Toolbox is 2D only so it's functions won't be helpful in calculating a gradient in the z-direction.

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