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3D plotting of the intensity of ultrasound signal

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katsumoto on 1 Feb 2015
Answered: James Ryland on 11 May 2017
Hi In 3D space I am measuring the signal intensity of a signal and take the peak values of the signal then save them in a 3D array. When I have all data, my array will be a 4X4X4 array, each element is a floating number and represents the intensity of a the signal.
how can I visualize this in matlab. Thanks

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James Ryland
James Ryland on 11 May 2017
These might be overkill for your problem since your 3D array is so small, but you could try these. For you I actually recommend solution 2.
Solution 1: Volumetric 3 is a full matlab application for visualizing layered 3D density matrices. It was designed to work with fmri and mri but it can handle arbitrary 3D arrays stored as .mat files.
Solution 2: A much simpler tool is Vol3D. But with a lot of programming on your end you can get it to do pretty much anything volumetric 3 does, in that they use highly similar (though distinct) techniques for generating visualizations.

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