How to Plot a 3-d matrix, so I can see the image it represents?

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Thiago on 21 Feb 2011
Hello everyone, I'm trying to use a command similar to "imagesc(figure);" but, instead of showing a 2-d image, I want to plot the 3-d matrix (that contains all the 2-d figures)...I don't know if I made myself clear...if not, please just tell me... but the main idea is: I captured several images of slices of rat brain, and I want to reconstuct the 3d brain, so we can study the changes... thank you for the attencion!

Accepted Answer

jiro on 21 Feb 2011
Perhaps you can read up on Volume Visualization Techniques. There's an example on viewing MRI data.
Thiago on 21 Feb 2011
thanks for the help Jiro Doke.I will study this section "Techniques for Visualizing Scalar Volume Data".
problem solved thanks to Jiro Doke!

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