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Retrieve Bloomberg data for many securities

Asked by George
on 4 Oct 2011
Latest activity Commented on by PS
on 24 Dec 2013

Hi all

I am trying to retrieve bloomberg data via matlab.

I am using the following commands:

c = blp;
data = getdata(c,tickers,'PX_MID');

where tickers is a cell vector with securities tickers e.g. IBM US EQUITY.

The problem is when length(tickers)>10 an error occus:

Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.
Error in ==> blp.getdata at 146
          d.(flds{j})(i,1) = tmp{i}.(flds{j});

Any help would be appreciated



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hi george did you find a solution to this problem..i used the history function but seems it had errors . Was this corrected in the current version of matlab

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