Add impulsive noise generated by ε mixture of Gaussian noise

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I have to add noise to a signal following a function on a scientific paper. The noise, like specified in the title, is generated by ε mixture of Gaussian noise that has a porbability density function of:
I have try to translate this function into a code, and I think that is right, but I am very insecure about this kind of things and I want to be 100% sure that what I have done is correct.
Explanation of the function: ϕ(y) is the probability density function of a Gaussian random variable with zero mean and unit variance. σ2 is tipically much larger than σ1. ε is a weight, wich controls the distribution of the two ϕ, the background noise and the impulse noise, respectively.
My Attempt:
close all;
load("100m.mat"); % load signal
y = val; % MY Signal
L = length(y); % length of the signal
E = 0.1 + (0.5).*rand(1); % epsilon (range 0.1-0.5)
s_1 = 10; % sigma1 (σ1)
s_2 = 100; % sigma2 (σ2)
noise = (1-E)*s_1.*randn(L) + E*s_2.*randn(L); % generated noise
yn = y + noise; % noisy signal
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Sabaudian on 3 Jul 2022
I'm just asking for a check. I just need to know if what I wrote is right or wrong. thank you

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