If matlab coder fails can we still do it ourselves?

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Hello friends,
I have a simple question. As you know matlab coder cannot create mex functions always, for instance when the input type is a function handle or due to the presence of symbolic sdtuff. Let me define 'simple inputs' for the cases matlab coder works and 'complex inputs' when matlab coder fails due to the presence of one or more difficult input typpe. Now, consider the following code:
function f1 = func1 (Simple inputs)
A=func2(Complex inputs);
f1= something
Imagine I ask a friend to assist me with writing a C/C++ code for func2 (which matlab cannot). Then can I still run the func1 and replace func2 by its equivalent C/C++ mex one as in bellow?
function f1 = func1 (Simple inputs)
A=func2_mexx(Complex inputs);
f1= something
Thanks for your kind help in advance!

Accepted Answer

patrick1704 on 9 Jul 2022
Edited: patrick1704 on 9 Jul 2022
Not sure if I completly understand your question, but you can naturally write a C/C++ function and code it to mex even without the Matlab coder. You just need program the proper interface and execute the mex command with the proper inputs manually.

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