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uitable UserData property has inconsistent type

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I have an old GUI created with Guide that has a uitable. When I run it in 2014b, its property 'UserData' is initialized to
1x0 empty Graphics array
(I set a breakpoint in OpeningFcn to see this.)
If I create a uitable in a new gui under 2014b, 'UserData' is initialized to an empty double array, [].
I don't understand this, what could I be doing that results in such inconsistent behavior?
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 7 Feb 2015
Thomas - have you verified in the property inspector that the UserData of the uitable (from the old GUI) is not an empty vector? What does the inspector show you?
Thomas on 9 Feb 2015
Thank you for this insight, it was very helpful.
In the inspector, the value was completely empty, that was interpreted as a 1 x 0 empty Graphics array. If I enter the text '[]', it is interpreted as a 0 x 0 double array.
(In 2013b you could edit the value in the inspector, in 2014b a separate edit tool pops up.)

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Answers (1)

Jan on 7 Feb 2015
The graphics system has changed in 2014b. The GUIs created by GUIDE are not designed to be independent from the platform. So it is not "inconsistent", if an old GUI shows a different behavior compared with a new GUI.
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Thomas on 9 Feb 2015
So what am I supposed to do with the old gui, throw it away? There is no tool to update it.
The documentation is not clear, anyway, while the graphics system has changed, a GUIDE created .fig is just a file. And why should an old gui use the new graphics system, but a new gui still behaves like in the old graphics system?
I will probably have to convert it to a programmatic gui.

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