How to build the sensor subsystem in SIMULINK like this video ?: https://ww​​com/watch?​v=qhIjIu-Z​k10&list=P​Ln8PRpmsu0​8pQBgjxYFX​SsODEF3Jqm​m-y&index=​6

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i watched MATLAB's youtube video series on understanding pid control to self-study Simulink and I want to practice the knowledge that the clip mentioned. But I can't model the sensor like in the clip even though I have watched many videos, read many Mathworks documents, taught myself Simulink Onramp. So is there a way to self-study Matlab/Simulink for low-income people like me that I can self-study? (GOOGLE TRANSLATE)

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 28 Jul 2022
Edited: Sam Chak on 28 Jul 2022
I guess the video in the YouTube link is removed. It is not the end of the world if you can't model a sensor system in Simulink. Find out the mathematics that describe the behavior of the sensor system and then model it accordingly in MATLAB.
The documentation in the Help Center are available for reference and learning by examples. You can also check:
Futhermore, if you still wish to model the sensor system in Simulink, you can use the MATLAB Function block to put the code you have written for the sensor system.

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