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Manipulate Excel From Matlab

Asked by George
on 7 Oct 2011


How can i merge two or more excel cells from matlab? I think is something with actxserver function.

Thanks George


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1 Answer

Answer by George
on 7 Oct 2011
 Accepted Answer

% MATLAB Automation client example 
% Open Excel, add workbook, change active worksheet, 
% get/put array, save.
% First, open an Excel Server.
e = actxserver('Excel.Application');
% Insert a new workbook.
eWorkbook = e.Workbooks.Add;
e.Visible = 1;
% Make the first sheet active.
eSheets = e.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets;
eSheet1 = eSheets.get('Item', 1);
% Merge Cells
eActivesheetRange = e.Activesheet.get('Range', 'A1:B1');
eActivesheetRange.MergeCells = 1;

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Can these activex commands be used on an existing XLS file? And can I create a spreadsheet with merged cells and save it as an excel file from matlab, but without the edits being done in real-time in Excel, like in the above code? Thanks!

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