Choosing a function handle from a group of function handles

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Assume that we have saved many function handles f_1_1, f_1_2,f_1_3, ..., f_2_1,f_2_2,f_2_3, .... in a folder. Now, assume also
that natural numbers m and n are given. Now, I want to define a function handle f as f = f_m_n . How to do this? (I mean, I want to
do this in a code in a for-loop).
Mohammad Shojaei Arani
Mohammad Shojaei Arani on 29 Jul 2022
Sorry if my explanation was not enough.
The functions are saved as m-files. If I know that m=3, n=4 then I can manually type f = f_3_4. But, how
to do this in a for-loop?
The only think I can do is as bellow
filename = strcat(['f_' num2str(m) '_' num2str(m)]);
but then I get f = 'f_3_4' not f = f_3_4.
I hope I was clear?

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 29 Jul 2022
s = sprintf('f_%d_%d',m,n);
f = str2func(s);

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