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create a new figure ensuring that it does not overlay on other figures

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Daniel on 12 Feb 2015
Answered: Grace on 13 Feb 2015
I'm sure this functionlaity is there somewhere, but I cannot find it. Is there a way to create a figure maikng certain that it does not occlude a given other figure (or group of them?)
I know I could write a script for this, but I have the impression there is some native capacity for this functionality...
thanks daniel

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Grace on 13 Feb 2015
Hi Daniel! In order to create a new figure for each of the plots, you will need to type 'figure' into the script for each time you want a new plot. For example
x = [2 3 4 7 9 4] y = 6*x
plot(x, y, '-*') grid on % title title('x vs y');
% Create xlabel xlabel('x');
% Create ylabel ylabel('y');
x = [2 3 4 7 9 4] y = 6*2*x
plot (2*x,y, '-*') grid on % title title ('2x vs y');
% Create xlabels xlabel('2x');
% Create ylabels ylabel('y');
% Typing in 'figure' before plotting each graph ensures that a new figure window will appear with the values that you list below it. If you do not type in 'figure' each time the graph and data will continue to re-write itself. I hope I answered your question and interpreted it right! % Good luck!

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