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how to make a pcolor plot for a bands of y-scale in matlab?

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I would like to make a pcolor plot of X (35x1 double), Y (1440x1 double) and Z (1440x34 double).
the x-value is actually a range which says that Z values run from X = 1-2,2-3,3-4,... thus making 34 pairs, which is consistent. But, how to give it in the input, as the dimensions does not match?
the command would follow something:
pcolor(X(:,2:end),Y(1:end,:),Z(1:end,:)); shading interp;
ylim([0,24]); xlim([100,1100]);
view([90 270]);
caxis([0 2000])
hand = colorbar('peer',gca,...
HOwever, it starts plotting from 213 on X-scale and not 199.60 (Ofcourse, since I have defined it here from 2:end onwards).
But is there any way we can ask command to plot in actual y-scale bands i.e from 199.60 to 213 corresponds to Z(:,1), 213 to 226.30 corresponds to Z(:,2) and so on.. making 34 pairs.
Here is the attached data.
Any help will be greatly appriciated.

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