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Error Message when Trying to Save MLX File

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Hi everyone.
I've been trying to save a file, but I keep getting this error below.
The first time I closed and reopened MATLAB which briefly worked, but then the next time I tried to save maybe a minute later I got this error again. Closing and reopening didn't work the second time. I made sure the folder I was saving it to was open in my directory, and I briefly Googled the error but couldn't find and answer that solved my problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Answers (1)

Shreyas on 6 Sep 2022
There are a few reasons that might cause this issue. I have listed some possible solutions below:
  • If the file is in a Dropbox folder move the contents to a different folder.
  • If a large test folder is being used, try breaking it into smaller pieces. As the live script may be hitting the upper limit of the file system (available virtual memory).


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