Surrogate optimization throws error when I try to use the vectorized option

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Attemting to use vectorized option in surrogate optimization fails and I am not able to figour out
the reason behind. I get the following error message
'UseVectorized' is not an option for SURROGATEOPT.
A list of options can be found on the SURROGATEOPT documentation page.
Bellow, I show you the main part (L believe this should be enough)
Any idea?
Thanks a lot!
Mohammad Shojaei Arani
Mohammad Shojaei Arani on 29 Aug 2022
Hi Torsten,
I use matlab 2022. I checked again and could not find anything. I get error after calling 'surrogateopt'.
But, it does not matter. I am not actually using surrogate optimization (I got faster and more accurate results using particle swarm optimization).
Thanks again for your kind help!

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