Opening or loading a rather complex dll file

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I have downloaded a few matlab codes (which are about estimating the density and its higher order derivatives) whose
execution is based on C++ dll files in order to make it very fast. However, since I have no experience working on dll
stuff I got stucked and need your help.
I have attached the zip file. To be more clear and specific, I need to run the code example1.m. When I do so, it gives an error message due to an issue at line 50 (in this line the code apparently tries to load a dll file UnivariateDensityDerivative.dll which fails).
Thanks a lot!

Answers (1)

Vijay on 6 Sep 2022
In order to load a DLL file you need to use function loadlibrary.
Also, it is necessary to have a header file for the DLL you want to load.
Upon checking your source code I found that you did not have header file for UnivariateDensityDerivative.dll.


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