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How to use ResizeFcn to normalize MarkerSize (plot3) and FontSize (text)?

Asked by Octavian on 25 Feb 2015
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Dear All,
I have a figure containing several linked objects (a plot3 surface, a plot3 set of 3D points, and a set of associated text labels), the latter two plotted in a for loop as they are linked. Here is the relevant code:
for j = 1:length(points)
hold on
I want to normalize x and y to figure axes (say ax) sizes (1) and dynamically adapt them to ax size changes (2). I was suggested to use ResizeFcn, but I got stuck. Here are my trials for (1):
curunits = get(ax, 'Units');
set(ax, 'Units', 'Points');
% pos_ax=get(ax,'Position');
set(ax, 'Units', curunits);
relativesize = 0.05;
set(h2,'MarkerSize', pos_ax(3)*relativesize);
set(h3,'FontSize', pos_ax(3)*relativesize);
How do I use ResizeFcn here to reflect changes in ax size? Your help is greatly appreciated, as always,
I use matlab13b, and it looks lize SizeChangedFcn is not an option.


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