How can I retrieve data from an histogram?

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Hi Everyone,
I have created a figure using histfit(NUMERIC1,n,'normal') where 'NUMERIC1' is the vector, 'n' the number of histograms i want to plot and 'normal' refers to the normal distribution
Once the figure is plotted I get the normal distribution of the vector 'NUMERIC1'. Now, I want to retrieve the data (so the value of the vector 'NUMERIC1') that are contained in each bar. How can I do that?

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Adam on 2 Mar 2015
hHist = histfit( rand(100,1), 3, 'normal' )
will give you the numbers if you extract the values from what that gives you.
hHist should be a vector of two graphics handles, the first is a patch that renders the bar chart (the 2nd is a Line object).
Because it is a patch object you get the YData out in slightly less obvious format than you would for a line plot, but the values you want are obvious from its result.

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Chuck on 26 Sep 2017
In newer versions of MATLAB, all you need to do is:
counts = h.Values
This will give you the number of values in each bin. You can change the name after the dot above to any of the following:
'BinCounts', 'BinCountsMode', 'BinEdges', 'BinLimits', 'BinLimitsMode', 'BinMethod', 'BinWidth', 'BusyAction', 'ButtonDownFcn', 'CreateFcn', 'Data', 'DeleteFcn', 'DisplayName', 'DisplayStyle', 'EdgeAlpha', 'EdgeColor', 'FaceAlpha', 'FaceColor', 'HandleVisibility', 'HitTest', 'Interruptible', 'LineStyle', 'LineWidth', 'Normalization', 'NumBins', 'Orientation', 'Parent', 'PickableParts', 'Selected', 'SelectionHighlight', 'Tag', 'UIContextMenu', 'UserData', 'Visible', 'Categories'
For example, to call the bin limits:
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Gonzalo Agudelo
Gonzalo Agudelo on 28 Apr 2019
You were able to aquire the number of values per bin, but could you get the values themselves?

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