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Optimisation of a 3 vector velocity

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Olivia Davison
Olivia Davison on 4 Oct 2022
Edited: Olivia Davison on 14 Oct 2022
Hi, I am wanting to optimize the following code for a 2 dimensional vector.
V = [t*sin(x)*cos(gamma),
Torsten on 4 Oct 2022
Not clear what you are trying to do with this vector.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 4 Oct 2022
Sorry, but you are not making sense. Global AND discrete? What does that mean here? What would be discrete about this problem? What is maximized? Minimized? By max and min, are you talking about bounds on some variables? What variables?
Yes, you may have an idea what you want, but you need to get it across. Start by telling us WHAT you want to maximize or minimize.
What is a known? What is an unknown?
Be clear. In fact, it may help to be EXTREMELY clear. Tell us more than you think we need to know, since the odds are good that you think we know more than we possibly can know, given what you have said so far.

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Answers (1)

Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 4 Oct 2022
Edited: Jeffrey Clark on 4 Oct 2022
@Olivia Davison, perhaps you are saying x, psi, gamma and velWind are related, one for each object: x(N,3), phi(N,1), gamma(N,1) and velWind(N,1)? Then velNav(N,3) would be:
velNav = [x(:,1).*sin(psi).*cos(gamma) ... % valNav(N,3)
x(:,2).*cos(psi).*cos(gamma) ...
x(:,3).*sin(gamma)+velWind ];
velMag = vecNorm(velNav,2,2); % velMag(N,1)
minMag = min(velMag);
maxMag = max(velMag);




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