Function 'niftiinfo' undefined in compiled app

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I am using MATLAB Runtime and a compiled version of SPM to do image analysis. Runtime was installed with the Image Processing Toolbox. SPM's built in spm_vol works to read a NIfTI header. I am using someone else's code that uses niftiinfo instead. This works in my full MATLAB, but when I run the script using compiled SPM in MATLAB Runtime I get:
Undefined function 'niftiread' for input arguments of type 'char'.
I tried testing another Image Processing Toolbox command imread and this worked as expected. I am using Runtime v9.10. Is there any special dependency that would break only niftiinfo? (I got the same error for niftiread). If so please let me know what I need to add to get niftiread to work in the Runtime environment. Otherwise, please let me know if there are other tests I can do to diagnose the problem.

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