File Exchange Categories not set

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Joshua Malina
Joshua Malina on 7 Oct 2022
Commented: Joshua Malina on 19 Oct 2022
I have problem with submission to MATLAB Central File Exchange.
My submission (MATLAB struct 2 XML object and vice versa Conversion) appears without categories at all.
How can I update my submission categories? Can Mathworks support do that? I have written the appropriate category in the Overview section.
Joshua Malina

Answers (1)

Smit on 14 Oct 2022
Moved: Rik on 15 Oct 2022
Hey Joshua,
I understand that your File Exchange submission did not get categorized. Currently, it is not possible for a user to edit the categories.
We are working to update the category of your submission.
Smit on 19 Oct 2022
The categories that you mentioned in the overview of your File Exchange submission have been added to the submission.
I hope this resolves your issue.
Joshua Malina
Joshua Malina on 19 Oct 2022
Thank you. Issue resolved.

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