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Jan Simon

Foreign Matlab forums

Asked by Jan Simon
on 23 Feb 2011
Latest activity Commented on by Akash Ashik on 1 Apr 2016

Which Matlab related forums and newsgroups do you use beside MATLAB Answers? Which languages do they use? Which advantages and unique features do they have?

Do you think that these forums complement or compete against MathWorks and its communication platform?

Actually all answers are accepted.



Jan Simon
on 25 Feb 2011

Thanks for your answers. I've voted all contributions.

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7 Answers

Answer by Jiro Doke
on 23 Feb 2011
 Accepted Answer

When I was in graduate school, I used to use CSSM almost every day. I haven't been there lately. Now, I peruse MATLAB Answers daily.

There's also a MATLAB group on Facebook, and people ask some questions. But many of the questions are the kind that would get scolded on this forum, e.g. "Plz send me speech recognition code. URGENT! Thnx"


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Answer by Loginatorist on 23 Feb 2011

I have on occasion visited Stack Overflow, but the MATLAB traffic there is pretty slow. It is in English.


on 8 Mar 2012

But so useful if a problem reaches beyond just Mathworks products. I wish Matlab Answers (mostly self taught scientists/engineers) was part of Stack Overflow (mostly professional programmers) since I think the Matlab community could benefit from some best practices from the programming world.

An observation I have made over time, but not as a statement of absolute limitation: in my experience, it is quite uncommon to be able to take someone with a modern Computer Science degree and make them into a decent science / engineering programmer, but it is not uncommon to be able to take someone with a math or science or engineering background and make them in to a science / engineering programmer who gets the job done.

I took a very mixed load, Math and Science and Computer Science simultaneously. Most years there were no students in that concentration at all; there were a total of 3 in my year. 150 pure CS people over the same time, but it was rare for them to take a science course voluntarily. They just didn't, just weren't interested. And not many CS students gained that kind of interest after graduation.


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Answer by Aurelien Queffurust on 19 Jul 2011

The French MATLAB Forum is alive for more 6 years I believe. Only French language is allowed.

Some nice Features:

MATLAB FAQ in French

Forum divided in 4 parts :

  1. forum for MATLAB and other Toolboxs (Simulink , Compiler , Neural ...)
  2. forum for questions related to Image Processing
  3. questions related to Guide
  4. questions related to Signal Processing

and it is moderated by some MATLAB French gurus .;) Moderators can edit , remove , send yellow or red cards to the MATLAB user !

There is also a system of points when you answer questions . You get some new status (confirmed, expert ...) and stars if you are pro-active.

Another funny thing is more you share info about you (date of birth , first name ) more you win points. If you accept to subscribe to the newsletters of DVP you also win points ...


Jan Simon
on 19 Jul 2011

Thanks for this answer. And thanks for the meta-information, that someone reads old threads.

You get point for publishing the date of birth?! I do not see the scientific use for this, but I remember, that the date of birth is useful, if you want to hijack an Ebay account. Offering points for information which decreases the privacy level has a limited fun factor.

If only French language is allowed, is it forbidden to cite the original documentation? ;-)

Hi Jan,

Most of my answers contain an hyperlink to the official technical solution of TMW. My idea is to show that the MATLAB user can find himself the solution by searching in the support web page ;) In this specific case , English is allowed.

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Answer by Andrew Newell
on 23 Feb 2011

LinkedIn has a "MATLAB Users and Integrators" group, but it's not very active. As with other LinkedIn sites, it has more to do with jobs than MATLAB. There is a discussion section. The questions tend to be a bit broader than on MATLAB Answers, and at least a third are ads for sites like Undocumented MATLAB.


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Answer by Jan Simon
on 23 Feb 2011

I'm reading and posting in CSSM, because it is active during the whole day. The large number of participants and some very sophisticated members are a guarantee to get an answer even for complicated questions.

I'm using the FEX: 10% of the software found there have a professional quality and solve even the strangest desires. (But of course this is not a foreign, but a TMW service)

I'm posting in the German goMatlab forum. On one hand I can articulate much faster and more secure in my native language. It is very convenient that you can embed pictures, LaTeX formulas, formatted and high-lighted source code in the posts. You can attach files and the threads are sorted to different categories. There are more basic homework questions than in CSSM and some pupils and students are overstrained by the English documentation - "read the Getting Started section" or "help plot" is not a useful answer then...

I really like undocumentedMatlab, because it helps to squeeze more than the allowed power out of Matlab.

Blinkdagger has died.

I think, that these forums are a great support for Matlab-users and in consequence for MathWorks also. I was surprised to hear the argument in a discussion, that such non-TMW services are a concurrency. I understand, that e.g. an Iranian website, which offers RapidShare links to download Matlab, is not welcome. But as far as I can see this is a rare exception and the majority of services support the Matlab community in a way, which increaes the number of sold licenses at the same time.

I've seen French questions here and in CSSM and wondered if there is a french forum also. I Like Aurelien's blog, although my French is very limited. And can anybody tell me about the Chinese forum One of the most downloaded FEX submissionsis a Spanish tutorial - is there a Spanish Matlab community also?


I can confirm this Chinese forum being very active. I researched about Spanish forums about a year ago, but could not find good content. The MATLAB part from is quite good.

on 14 Mar 2012

For the linguistically limited (me), open in Google Chrome to get an automatic translation. and both offer a dedicated Simulink forum, which is my present focus. If I wanted to post I could go to , formulate my question into German, and paste it in. Drawback of automatic translation: 'Unfortunately I'm not programmatically by the masterful straight times.' Which does capture my present Simulink abilities!

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Answer by Paulo Silva
on 23 Feb 2011

I only use the mathworks answers and newsgroup, have no time or patience for more, soon I might also stop going to the newsgroup because some questions are in both places.

There's no advantage of having other forums if this one works properly, also by having more active users the quality of the answers is often better.

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I'm having trouble keeping up with both Answers and cssm. Maybe after my temporary burst of Real Life that is interfering ;-)

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Answer by Titus Edelhofer on 13 May 2011

Hi Jan,

there is something similar to "Answers" in German: If you click on "Forum", you'll see the different topics. Quite active.


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Jan Simon
on 13 May 2011

@Titus: goMatlab is one of the most active Matlab forums after CSSM and Answers. Therefore I've mentioned it already.
I'm fascinated by the peculiar differences between question in goMatlab and MATLAB Answers: While the majority of German speaking beginners seem to transfer variables to functions by ASSIGNIN and EVALIN (and suffer from the resulting difficulties), this does rarely appear here. On the other hand, questions concerning "any((0:0.1:1.0) == 0.3)" do appear in Answers and CSSM only.
Strange. I did not expect, that using input and output arguments or floating point arithmetics is depends on national or cultural effects.

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