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How can i get the channel state information (CSI) stored in Matlab after using "filtering Rayleigh channel with a signal ?

Asked by Abdelrahman Marconi on 10 Mar 2015
Latest activity Edited by Abdelrahman Marconi on 10 Mar 2015
"rayleighchan" is used to generate Rayleigh channel,"channel_vis" is a tool to plot the different channel state information stored after filtering operation with command ch.storehistory=1 How can i get this CSI like pathgains and other information used in matlab to creat the channel visualization tool ?
N=1000; Bandwith= 100000; Fs=2*Bandwith; Ts=1/Fs; %Bandwidth=fs/2 X=randsrc(1,N)+i*randsrc(1,N); %6-Fadding channel Fd=1/(10*Ts); %max doppalr ch = rayleighchan(Ts,Fd); ch.StorePathGains=1; ch.StoreHistory=1; ch.ResetBeforeFiltering=0; ch.PathDelays= Ts*[0 4.000 5.000 6.000 ]; h=filter(ch,X); path_gains=ch.pathGains; channel_vis(ch, 'sampleindex',1); % Set animation start point


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