Matlab R2015a Linux Font in GUI and figures much too big

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When I run fdatool in Matlab R2015a, I need to maximize the window to full screen. And even then the fonts are so big that not all options can be seen. Same when running bench, default fonts are too big. How can I change the figure/GUI fonts? In Preferences this is not possible :-(

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Bert RAM Aerts
Bert RAM Aerts on 23 May 2021
So many years later on a new laptop I had exaclty the same issue. Solution is this simple script:
xdpyinfo | grep resolution
xrandr --dpi 96
xdpyinfo | grep resolution
and it produces
resolution: 143x144 dots per inch
resolution: 96x96 dots per inch
So the resolution of 143x144 dots per inch was way too big for matlab en with 96x96 dots per inch it looks pretty OK.

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Deep Desai
Deep Desai on 17 Mar 2016
Hey Bert,
Do you mind posting a screenshot of the issue please?

Bert RAM Aerts
Bert RAM Aerts on 18 Mar 2016
Please find attached 2 screenshots from R2016a in Mageia 5 x86_64 linux and in Windows 10 64 bit.


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