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Cody broken? the site is unresponsive.

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How come cody doesn't work from today? It is very slow and you can't enter anything!
Enrico Bertolazzi
Enrico Bertolazzi on 13 Oct 2022
Now is a little bit better but there is some strange:
At the link
the test seems broken.
I find the check of test1-3:
%% Is there a histogram?
that do not call
function f = plotOutages(T)
f = figure; % gets the figure handle
Some times after loading the URL the SOLUTION place is empty...
It seem that se server is overloaded (probably too much people have a fun with cosy).
Enrico Bertolazzi
Enrico Bertolazzi on 13 Oct 2022
Still blocked CODY, very slow, test non loaded, cant instert anything.
This is what I see:

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