how to delete decimal places

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Offroad Jeep
Offroad Jeep on 22 Oct 2022
Commented: Offroad Jeep on 22 Oct 2022
clear all
format long
a = 1
b = 90
r = a + (b-a)*rand()
r = a + (b-a)*rand(N,N)
Question 1. how to ignore the decimal part... i mean if matrix element is 12.23626563 i only want 12

Accepted Answer

dpb on 22 Oct 2022
You mean just at the display or in the actual data?
If it's for the display, there isn't an "integer" format option; 'short' or maybe 'bank' (2 decimals F format) is about as fine as it gets unless you write the output with formatted io like
If you mean you want integral valued values for the variable r itself, then
r=round(a + (b-a)*rand(N));
does the trick.
Although can save a step by using randi instead

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