Error using serial/fopen (line 72) Open failed: Port: COM1 is not available. No ports are available. Use INSTRFIND to determine if other instrument objects are connected to the requested devic

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ss = serial('COM1','BaudRate',9600); fopen(ss); ss.Terminator = 'CR' tx ='AT'; tx1=char(13); tx2 ='AT+CMGF=1'; tx3 ='AT+CSCS="GSM"'; tx4 =input('format AT+CMGS="+919566344870"'); tx5 ='SubStation 1 Closed'; tx6=char(26);
fprintf(ss,'%s',tx); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx1); pause(1); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx2); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx1); pause(1); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx3); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx1); pause(1); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx4); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx1); pause(1); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx5); pause(1); fprintf(ss,'%s',tx6);
fclose(ss) delete(ss) clear ss

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