Abaqus and Matlab (Optimising the simulation parameters in Matlab by calling Abaqus as external subroutine)

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PS: I am having a complex .inp file, any help/links/pdf will be appreciated. Many thanks for enlighting young minds.

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farzad on 18 Mar 2015
finding displacement or so is written on the ODB file and has nothing to do with MATLAB , matlab can just edit the .inp file and run abaqus with the updated one , with a command that you can find in Abaqus scripting help . this is a very general question
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farzad on 19 Mar 2015
well I am not sure about it , I have not practiced this one,but I think you can try to find a way to write on the inp file,in the right place

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George Papazafeiropoulos
George Papazafeiropoulos on 7 Dec 2016
You can use the new toolbox developed to serve as an interface between Abaqus and Matlab, which is Abaqus2Matlab. With this toolbox you can run Abaqus through Matlab, as well as obtain results from an Abaqus analysis and transfer them into Matlab. For more details see:


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