How to get the handle of simulink window in matlab

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I want to embed the simulation result of simMechanics into my self-created GUI. So I think the first thing I should do is to get the handle of simMechanics window. I know there must be some way to get it.But how? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Al Dente
Al Dente on 2 Apr 2015
you can try using findall(0) -- root matlab handle, then looping over all the handles to find the right handle. What I wanted to do in my application is to search for an open Signal Builder window so I did this:
hndls = findall(0);
Tags = arrayfun(@(x)get(x, 'Tag'), hndls, 'UniformOutput', 0);
sigbuilderwin = hndls(strcmp(Tags, 'SignalBuilderGUI'));
Hope this helps
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Jan on 6 Feb 2022
sigbuilderwin = findall(groot, 'Tag', 'SignalBuilderGUI');

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