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Matlab was working fine but is now extremely slow to run

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I have Matlab 2022b, running on mac OS ventura. Matlab was running just fine. However, in the past few days, it takes awhile to run a script, even if it is a very simple empty script. I'll push "run" and it either won't run, or take 2 seconds to run. I'll sometimes have to push "run" twice or 3 times to get it to finally work. Any idea what is going on? I'll try deleting and re-installing it if I can't get any solutions.
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Steven Hietpas
Steven Hietpas on 17 Jan 2023
I have installed Matlab 2022b, and simulink simply doesn't want to run anymore - at all. I followed the suggestion below to make sure it has updates installed, which is update #3. I opened Matlab, then launched Simulink (this took quite some time ... 10+ seconds). I then opened an slx file that I constructed in April of 2022. It never would open ... simulink just gives me the round circle. I tried closing simulink by clicking on the X in upper right corner. Nothing would close simulink - it is now in an infinite loop. I have never seen things so bad, and I have been working with Matlab since 1989. What is going on? I am a professor and will be demonstrating to my students next week, so time is of the essence.

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Answers (1)

Prateek on 24 Nov 2022
Hi Spencer,
The following suggestions could be of help -
1. Ensure that you have the Update 2 for MATLAB R2022b.
For this, please click “Help” in MATLAB and then click “Check for Updates”. Alternatively, download update from this link: Download MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow and Other MathWorks Products.
2. Please execute the following commands on the MATLAB prompt:
>> which all pathdef %copy this directory as a backup
>> restoredefaultpath
>> rehash toolboxcache
If these commands resolve the issue, then please execute:
>> savepath
3. If the above do not work, please refer to this link for other possible resolutions: Why do buttons, apps, or the editor in MATLAB respond slowly or hang on MacOS? - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central (
Hope this helps.
Prateek on 24 Jan 2023
Hi Spencer and Margaret,
I believe you would have found a solution by now. If that is not the case, I suggest you approach the MathWorks Technical Support for this. Here's the link for it -
Mazen Bahaidarah
Mazen Bahaidarah on 26 Jun 2023
Hi Prateek,
I was working on MATLAB 2022b on Windows10 for nearly 2 years time using Mobile Robotics Simulation Toolbox and everything was running smoothly. My laptop has a powerfull spec: intel i7, Nvidia graphic card T1000, 512 SSD, ...etc. However, for the last few days (as Spencer above), I faced the same issue.
Matlab became so slow and the plots simulation are laggy even the texts display are not showing one by one as usual. one shows first then, wait for 2-3 seconds then, 3 texts show in the command window. If I want to stop the program, I can't press the stop button. I keep clicking for 4-5 seconds till it stops.
I delet Matlab 2022b and re-install it again. I did your suggestions above. I checked the opengl info and make it 'hardware'. I updated my Nvidia graphic card. After all of these solutions, MATALB is still not working as before.
Can you please help me and guide me to solve this issue? I have a lot of experiemnts that are suspended becasue of this issue.

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