Translational Mechanical Converter: Can the gas port be reversed, allowing a mechanical movement to cause a change in gas movement/pressure?

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Below is the Translational Mechanical Converter simscape element that allows a gas network, inlet A to be transformed into a mechanical network, output R.
For my project I am utilizing an actuator to compress gas through a pipe, and would like to translate mechanical energy into a energy and movement in the gas domain. This would in turn require that port R be an input, and port A be an output port in the element image above. Is there a way to reverse these ports, or would an element need to be created as a custom made function? Thanks.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 30 Nov 2022
Simscape models do not have fixed inputs and outputs. The ports are physical connections and can transmit or absorb energy from all components to which it is attached. The pressure at port A, forces at ports R and C, and temperature at port H are all assessed simultaneously and the system will exhibit the physical behavior you would expect of this component.
You can, for example, use the Translational Mechanical Converter (G) block as a pneumatic actuator where gas is pushed into (or drawn out of) the actuator to move the piston. You can use the same component as it is like a pump, where you push (or pull) on the piston to move gas throughout a pneumatic system. You do not need to re-implement the block to change what is an "input" and what is an "output".

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