How can I use collected data in a GUI of the US map?

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I am doing a project in MATLAB that involves prison data. I know how to make a data table but I am having trouble with the GUI part of this asignment. The step Im having trouble on is below
Create a GUI that contains an US map with states colored according to the incarceration data, a 2D plot of national-level incarcerations over time, some objects (textbox, dropdown menu, etc.) for the user to input their chosen year and metric, and a plot button.
How do i creat a GUI? how do i add textboxes and dropdown menus?

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Sameer Pujari
Sameer Pujari on 7 Dec 2022
Hi Aden
You can use Thematic Maps to classify attributes and display them on the maps from the table data. Please refer to the following examples to understand how to use Thematic Maps
You can add interactive controls to the live script in MATLAB to choose user inputs. Please refer to the following documentation link to understand the different interactive control options available
Hope this helps !!


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