Issue in publishing ROS topic to another PC

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When PC(②) try to read the rostopic published from MATLAB(①) with the command: "rostopic echo <topicname>", I can't see anything, even though I confirmed ROS connection (both PC can see all rostopics with the command: "rostopic list") and MATLAB(①) can read the rostopic published from another PC(②).
PC configurations are below;
①Windows PC (MATLAB installed) IP:
②Ubuntu PC (Ubuntu 18.04, melodic) IP:
Also, I read this Q&A( and I configured the firewall (outbound rule accept for MATLAB), but it doesn't work.
I'm using MATLAB 2022a and ROS Toolbox.
Could you help me with this?

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Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 15 Dec 2022
Hello Kazuo,
The environment variable configuration you shared looks correct to me.
I suspect this may still have something to do with the firewall setup. Could you please also confirm the firewall on Ubuntu PC is disabled or the incoming is allowed?
If this still not addressing the issue, please reach out to our Technical Support team so we can take a closer look.
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Kazuo on 16 Dec 2022
I confirmed Ubuntu PC can interact with another Ubuntu PC with ROS. Therefore, I think there's no firewall issue in Ubuntu PC.
I sent the request form to tech support team.
Thank you.

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