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What method can I use for background subtraction before performing analysis on my image?

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Hi, i am exploring matlab methods for personal growth and i want to determine how to:
perform background substraction
contrast correction, gaussian filtering and thresholding and binarization for my image.
I have attached a demo m file and image and i get this error:
Unrecognized function or variable 'lowThreshold'.
Error in testfiltering (line 53)
mask = grayImage > lowThreshold & grayImage < highThreshold;

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Jan 2023
You need to assign that value. See the interactive thresholding program in my File Exchange for how to do that.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Jan 2023
I don't know how to answer this. If you started with an image and a background image, you would certainly know if your code did a background subtraction. If you don't have the original image and the background image, then where did you get the image that you have?
"how do I know if the thresholidng i see matches the thresholding i want?" I don't know what this means. It MUST match the threshold you want. If it was not what you wanted, then why did you accept it? Obviously you're only going to accept a threshold that you want. You're not going to accept a threshold that you do not want, of course. That said, it may be that there is no threshold value that will give you a perfect segmentation just by thresholding alone.
Neo on 16 Jan 2023
i see. yes, this was not a well thought out response from me. i accept your answer and will adjust to my current code,

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