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Right-hand text limit does not appear in script file

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I have several script files. In some the right-hand text limit appears while in few others it does not. When I delete some code randomly (not any but at certain places), it appears. Is this a bug? My version is 2021b Update 3,
dpb on 15 Jan 2023
Absolutely no way anybody can make any sense of the above...for starters, what is the "right-hand text limit" and where does it appear?
Show us what you're talking about and provide a way to reproduce the problem...including the needed data file...

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Jan 2023
Check your preferences
Home->Preferences->Editor/Debugger->Display->right hand text limit
Home->Preferences->Editor/Debugger->Language->Comment formatting
I believe the settings there should apply to all script files the same way.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Jan 2023
Tech support does not monitor this forum. They will only know if you call or email them.
Perhaps it's a video adapter problem. Maybe try a different driver or try "opengl software". Or update your video adapter driver.
Snoopy on 16 Jan 2023
Thanks for informing that the tech support does not monitor this forum. If it was a video adaptor issue, the line would not have appeared in any script file but it does. Or, it would not have appeared in a same script file when I delete some code, I guess. I will contact tech support. Thank you for taking the time to respond in this thread.

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