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standalone app build on linux fails

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Marcel Rutten
Marcel Rutten on 7 Mar 2023
Answered: Roman on 11 Mar 2024
Hi, I'm trying to build a standalone app for a virtual cohort generator, to be deployed on a machine without matlab installed. Matlab version R2022b, glnxa64 architecture, fedora 36. The build fails with the following message (after echoeing the command line that leads to the error):
Error while determining required deployable files. Compilation terminated. Details:
mcc failed.
When I run the echoed mcc command from a terminal, the verbosity is slightly better:
mcc -o virtual_cohort_generator_gui -W main:virtual_cohort_generator_gui -T link:exe -d /home/marcelr/edu/PhD/sabine/virtual_cohort_generator_gui/virtual_cohort_generator_gui/for_testing -v /home/marcelr/edu/PhD/sabine/virtual_cohort_generator_gui/virtual_cohort_generator_gui.m
mclCopyDir failed: Failed copying '/home/marcelr/.matlab/R2022b/matlab.prf' to '/tmp/mcc1d83-aada-fcda-6d43.tmp/user/matlab.prf': reason 'fl:filesystem:SystemError'
Failed to copy user-level MATLAB settings from "/home/marcelr/.matlab/R2022b" into temporary directory "/tmp/mcc1d83-aada-fcda-6d43.tmp/user". Cannot continue without risk of corrupting MATLAB settings.
What could be the problem here? File permissions are set to full access (for the user (me)).

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Mar 2023
you need Update 4 of R2022b
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Marcel Rutten
Marcel Rutten on 10 Mar 2023
I had update 2, now update 5.
Works like a charm, thanks.

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Roman on 11 Mar 2024
I had the same problem. For me, the solution was to set TMPDIR to point somewhere but not to /tmp/


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