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Matlab spmd Collecting Composite Arrays

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Hi everyone,
I have been working on Matlab spmd with OOP, but I have received this error;
"Dot invocation is not allowed for Composites, use the functional form instead."
my codes;
A0 = hx.Tis_pr(:);
hx.Tis = [];
for i = 1:hx.Converge.CoreNumber
hx.Tis = [hx.Tis,A0(i)];
I will be glad if you can help....
best regard....

Accepted Answer

Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 13 Mar 2023
You missed a crucial clue from your question - where are you assigning hx. I'm going to guess you have something like this:
hx = doSomething(); % assign hx
Outside the spmd block, hx is a Composite . What that means is that the contents of hx are left remaining on the workers, and only brought back to the client when you request them. You can get the value from worker 1 like this:
worker1_hx = hx{1};
% Now you can work with local data worker1_hx:
worker1_A0 = worker1_hx.Tis_pr(:);
You can get all the different hx values from each worker as a cell array by doing this:
all_hx = hx(:);
for idx = 1:numel(all_hx)
worker_hx = all_hx{idx};
worker_hx.Tis; % Access fields of one element
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Ibrahim KAYA
Ibrahim KAYA on 13 Mar 2023
static method can be used. Structural parameter including spmd blocks is very dangerous.....

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