String in matrix for loop

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Maurizio on 25 Oct 2011
I have created the below for loop. The txt files are all composed by 16 elements, the first 8 are string and the seconde 8 are number and are separated by comma. At the moment I created a matrix with only the last 8 value. Is it possible also to create a matrix (no structure, no array) with also the first 8 string?
fileList = dir( '*.txt' );
for i = 1 : numel(fileList)
nameFile{i} = fileList(i,1).name;
NAME = char(nameFile(i) );
fid = fopen( NAME );
val = textscan( fid, '%s', 'delimiter', ',' );
fclose( fid );
if val{1,1}{5,1} == 'LIMA' | val{1,1}{6,1} == 'VOCI'
% for jj = 1 : 7
% VAL (i,jj)= char(val{1,1}{jj,1});
% end
for j = 8 : size( val{1,1},1 )
A(i, j) = str2num( val{1,1}{j,1} );
TAB on 25 Oct 2011
(no structure, no array).
What about cell array ?
Maurizio on 25 Oct 2011
Tabrez the values on the *.txt are for example:
and I have n*file txt.
I need to create a for loop that each collect this 14 values and create a matrix with 14 columns and n rows.
Thanks a lot

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Answers (1)

Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 25 Oct 2011
It really depends on what data type you are willing to allow. You say no structure and no array. MATLAB only deals with arrays; scalars are arrays with a length of 1. It seems like you also do not want cell arrays, since your data from textscan is a cell array.
Maurizio on 25 Oct 2011
What i'm trying to do is to collect n-time these 14 variable
that are on txt file and create a matrix of n*14.
Maurizio on 25 Oct 2011
n-time because I have n txt file

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