How to change coordinates of the center of a radar plot?

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Hi all,
Im using the radarplot function. You can find the code for this function in the link below:
Using this function I get the following image:
The center of this plot is at (0,0). I want to know if there is a way to change these coordinates using ginput . Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

Answers (1)

Naren on 30 Mar 2023
Hey Shahab,
I understand you are trying to change the centre of the plot using ginput. If an offset is given to the plot, it will just move the plot in some direction, and ginput just stores the point on the plot that is selected. To understand this, open the radarplot function and go through the following code.
R=[R R(:,1)];
axis equal
axis off
To change the centre of the plot, the value of MAXAXIS has to be changed, which moves the plot.
Hope this solves your issue.


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