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how to plot such figure in MATLAB?

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Assen Beshr
Assen Beshr on 27 Mar 2023
Commented: DGM on 27 Mar 2023
how to plot four line graph in one plane? data look like below.
dg1V=[4.1072 4.1072 4.1163 4.1071 4.1072];
dg2V=[4.079 2.95 4.0841 4.0875 4.19];
dg3V=[2.1734 2.1856 2.1737 2.8233 2.1856];
dg4V=[2.1425 4.2595 2.1428 2.141 2.1532];
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 27 Mar 2023
You want to plot an empty graph with labels on x-axis values?
DGM on 27 Mar 2023
If the x-data is (conceptually) categorical, then does it even make sense to use a line graph? Is it meaningful to represent interpolated values halfway between SCA and WOA? Only you know what your data means, but you might consider a bar chart or something. Either way, KSSV's answer would apply.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 27 Mar 2023
Read about xticklabels

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