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SimPowerSystems: 2nd vs 3rd Generation in terms of speed

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Ilya on 27 Mar 2015
Edited: Sebastian Castro on 18 Sep 2015
I can model an electrical power system with 2 types of blocks: Simscape and Specialised Technology (aka Second and Third Generation models). What way of modeling would give a better simulation speed for the same modeled system? The components that I need for my model are in the both versions of the library.
I'd like to know in advance what library is "faster", since the system to be modeled is not very small.
I know that there are many aspects of how to increase the simulation performance, so the question is only about fundamental difference of the two power system libraries in terms of speed.


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Accepted Answer

Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 27 Mar 2015
Depends on your model.
If you aren't using any power electronics blocks (inverters, transistors, etc.) and your frequencies are constant, you can take advantage of Phasor simulation mode in Specialized Technology. This will be much faster than discrete or continuous simulation modes.
Right now, the Simscape Components library only has continuous and discrete modes, which are configurable by enabling the "Use local solver" option in the Solver Configuration block.
If you do have power electronic devices, then you cannot use Phasor simulation. In this case, the simulation speed should be comparable between the two block libraries.
- Sebastian


Ilya on 27 Mar 2015
The point is that I don't want to use the phasor mode, because I need full time-domain waveforms. Thanks a lot for your answer. If the speed is similar without phasor mode then I'd rather go for Specialized Technology (2nd generation). A richer library + more familiar.
Edo on 18 Sep 2015
My question would be: what is the expected life span of the 2nd generation. Will it be further developed or is it dead and only the 3rd generation is actively developed. I found this thread because of this question.
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 18 Sep 2015
The messaging has been that "2nd generation" isn't meant to replace "3rd generation" -- right now, they are just two parallel technologies that have different pros and cons.
This is why, in the following release (R2014a), MathWorks renamed these libraries to "Specialized Technology" and "Simscape Components", respectively.
If you plan on using Specialized Technology (or 2nd gen), you don't have to worry about deprecation any time soon.

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