can Matlab be used to make simulation of tasks on an assembly line?

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Three robots are working together on an assembly line to pick the yellow stuff from the conveyer belt onto the desired plate. Now I want to simulate this situation using matlab. Could someone give me some insights whether simulink is able to finish this task?

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 1 Apr 2015
I saw that you already did CAD Import on the robot arm model itself. The only missing part would be the extra loads.
You could use an External Force and Torque block to provide a time-varying downwards force on the robot arm.
When the robot arm is holding a part, set the downward force to -Z (with the weight of the object) in World coordinates. When the arm is not holding a part, simply set the force to zero. This will let you test your robot arm controls with and without load.
- Sebastian


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