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Is this plot correct?

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Ahmad Sheikh
Ahmad Sheikh on 10 Apr 2015
Commented: Ahmad Sheikh on 10 Apr 2015
I have applied a state feedback controller to a non linear system and after applying the controller when i plot the respective system states with respect to ttime it's giving a plot like this...
is this plot showing that the states are stable or not leaving a certain domian..? kindly help...?
KL on 10 Apr 2015
A system is stable when it reaches the set point. Without knowing the details of your system like input and output, it's not possible to say if your system is stable (this plot is meaningless in that sense!). Come up with more specific details.
Ahmad Sheikh
Ahmad Sheikh on 10 Apr 2015
Actually the state space model is like this;
dx/dt =A x(t) +B u(t)
and the input is given through a state feedback controller i=e u= k x
where k is the control gain
model become like this
dx/dt = (A +B k) x
i solved the differential equations through ode45 and plot the system states across time and its giving plot like given above...!

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