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How to overcome the error "Unrecognized field name \stopTimeUseConfigset\." when simulating a simbiology model on a previous Matlab version?

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I saved the my last version of a simbiology model on Matlab R2023a, and when trying to simulate the model on Matlab R2022a it returns the following error:
Severity Message
error Unrecognized field name \stopTimeUseConfigset\.
I believe it is related to the StopTime option available on R2023a Model Analyzer option (which was not in the 2022a version).
Is there a way to overcome this error to run the model on Matlab R2022a?

Accepted Answer

Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe on 19 Jul 2023
SimBiology doesn't currently support opening newer projects in older versions. (This is called forward compatibility.) In fact, in the near future, you will get an error dialog if you try to open a project created in a newer version than the one you're using. (It was a bug that you weren't getting this dialog.)
Unfortunately, the only general solution is to recreate the project. MAT files are generally forward compatible. So you can save models and data in MAT files and then import them into SimBiology across versions. But there's nothing equivalent for programs in a project.
That said, if you can share your project with me, then I might be able to resave it in R2022a. In general, I would advise anyone who reads this to reach out to Technical Support rather than contact me directly. But this week, I'd probably be the person who would handle such a tech support case. :-)

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