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Simultaneous Path Planning of Planner Control RRT Algorithm and Turtlebot3-Burger Robot in MATLAB and Gazebo

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How can I implement the Planner Control RRT path planning algorithm in MATLAB and run it in parallel with a simulated mobile robot (e.g., Turtlebot3-Burger) in Gazebo world (e.g., Gazebo Office) ?

Accepted Answer

Anurag on 29 Aug 2023
As per my understanding of the questio­­­n,you need to implement a path planning algorithm in MATLAB and then run that on a mobile robot in Gazebo world.
You can follow the following steps :
  • Get started by setting up the MATLAB Robotics System Toolbox for path planning and robot simulation. Also, set up ROS and include the TurtleBot3 package for Gazebo-based robot simulation.
  • Implement the path planning algorithm using RRT (Rapidly-exploring Random Tree) in MATLAB. Generate paths by connecting random points.
  • Establish communication between MATLAB and ROS. Create ROS nodes in MATLAB to plan paths based on robot data and to control robot movement using planner control RRT.
  • Launch the Gazebo simulation environment and activate your MATLAB ROS nodes for path planning and robot control. Witness your TurtleBot3 navigating its way through the simulated world.
Hope this helped!

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Vidip Jain
Vidip Jain on 31 Aug 2023
Implementing the Planner Control RRT (Rapidly-exploring Random Trees) path planning algorithm in MATLAB and running it in parallel with a simulated mobile robot in Gazebo involves multiple steps, including setting up the simulation environment, implementing the RRT algorithm, and interfacing MATLAB with the simulation.
Here's a general overview of the process:
  1. Setup gazebo world and download URDF model of the Turtlebot3-Burger for the simulation.
  2. Implement the RRT algorithm: Write MATLAB code to implement the Planner Control RRT algorithm. This involves creating a tree of random configurations and connecting them to form a feasible path from the start to the goal.
  3. Interfacing MATLAB with Gazebo:
  • ROS Toolbox: MATLAB Robotics System Toolbox supports ROS (Robot Operating System). You can use ROS Toolbox to interface with Gazebo and ROS nodes.
  • ROS communication: Use ROS nodes to communicate between MATLAB and the Gazebo simulation. You'll need to publish and subscribe to appropriate topics to send commands and receive sensor data.
  • Sending Path: Once your RRT algorithm generates a path, you can send the path waypoints as ROS messages to the mobile robot in Gazebo.
Refer to this documentation for more information:


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