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can simbiology estimate dosage ?

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Lo on 31 Aug 2023
Commented: Jeremy Huard on 4 Sep 2023
I attempted to simulate RPA reactions and also found the necessary ODEs from papers. However, I couldn't locate the dosages for certain reactants. Therefore, I was wondering if I could predict the dosages by inputting result data.

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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 31 Aug 2023
Hi @Lo,
yes, absolutely.
I see two possibilities:
  1. if dosage consists of a single IV bolus at time=0, you can simply estimate the initial values of the species being dosed. Simply specifiy the name of the species in the list of parameters to estimate.
  2. if dosage consists of multiple doses, you can use a parametrized dose. It could look like this:
a. add a parameter doseAmount in your model
b. create dose with a schedule equal as the one used in your dataset
c. set the dose amount to the parameter doseAmount
d. specifiy doseAmount in the list of parameters to estimate
Best regards,
Lo on 4 Sep 2023
I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your description. Could you please demonstrate it to me in the form of diagram? Thank you.
Best regards,
Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 4 Sep 2023
Hi @Lo,
can you specify which type of dosing is used in your dataset ? Single dose or multiple dosing?

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