Parameters of the squirrel cage motor

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K on 28 Sep 2023
Commented: K on 6 Oct 2023
I need a model of the squirrel cage induction machine for 250kW, 400V and 50Hz but the available models go only up to 160kW and the parameter generator is only usefull for the Double squirrel-cage.
Are there any toolboxes or generator codes for a regualr squirrel cage induction motor?
Thank you

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Sabin on 3 Oct 2023
The solution is to select ‘Squirrel-cage preset model’ to ‘No’ and to introduce machine parameters for a 250 kW machine but you will need to extract the parameters from datasheet, experiments, or manufacturer specification. Simscape Electrical is not limited to preset models. I hope this helps.
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K on 6 Oct 2023
thanks for your answer, I'm aware you can input the parameters manually.
the point is I don't have them myself and I need a model for a 250kW squirrel-cage induction motor, so I was wondering if there is any other possibility to generate or approximate the parameters. I saw it is possible to generate the parameters of the double cage induction machine so (technically) it's possible for the one-cage squirrel motor

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