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Plot ! takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Model

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Ahmad Sheikh
Ahmad Sheikh on 13 Apr 2015
I am working on takagi sugeno modeling:
after doing fuzzy modeling of inverted pendulum given by non linear continous model:
derivative_x(1)= x(2);
derivative_x(2)= (g .* sin(x(1)) - 0.5.*a.*m.*l.*(x(2)^2).*sin(2*x(1))- (a.*cos(x(1)).*(K1.*x(1) +K2.*x(2))))/(1.33.*l-a.*m.*l.*(cos(x(1))^2));
I get takigi sugeno odel Like
*dx/dt = Mi [ Ai x + Bi u];* ------(1)
where i=1,2
and state feedback controller is used to fin '' u '' i-e u = k x
M1= 1-0.667*|x(1)|;
M2= 0.667*|x(1)|;
system and control matrices are given by;
A1=[0 1;17.3 0]; B1=[0;-0.177];
A2=[0 1;9.45 0]; B2=[0;-0.03];
K1 = [- 429.6222 -122.8607] ;
K2 = [- 913.7748 - 284.1638];
i want to plot states across time...I dont undertsand how to plot Takagi sugeon state space model as given by eq (1) . kindly help...!

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