problem with a gui of directories

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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 3 Nov 2011
Edited: Jules Ray on 27 May 2019
Hi colleages, i`m preparing a gui for directories selection and other things. This is my proyect:
% Inputs section
close all
stationsdir= uigetdir('/Users/mac/Documents/MATLAB/','Station Folder');
resultdir=uigetdir('/Users/mac/Documents/MATLAB/','Station Folder');
the gui works, but really bad beacuse all navigation windows start to open at the same time...
i would like to include al navigation windows in just one main window with buttons to select the directories... or something like this... and also a small box to define the station name (station='test4')
uff... is a lot of work but every comment will be appreciated..
Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 4 Nov 2011
i got this pop ups:
what i need is to join all this popups in just one window or gui... that's my problem
close all
waitfor(msgbox('The next windows will guide you through the amazing world of neotectonics. So i can tell you that this creation has been for moments a real pain in the ass.. ).... enjoy', 'ABOUT THIS SCRIPT'))
msgbox('Please indicate the Results Directory (this is the folder which contains the results files, must be in a different directory than Staionsdir) ', 'RESULTS DIRECTORY' );
waitfor(msgbox('Please indicate the Station Directory (must coincide with the proyect folder)', 'STATION DIRECTORY'));
disp('Station dir path defined')
pause (5)
prompt = {'Enter proyect name'};
dlg_title = 'Input for Swath profiling';
num_lines = 1;
def = {'20','hsv'};
station1=inputdlg(prompt,'Enter the Station Name');
waitfor(msgbox('Path to where TMA script is paced (normaly equal than Stationsdir)', 'TMA Directory'))
clear de dlg_title num_lines prompt resultdir1 stationB stationsdir1

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 4 Nov 2011
Well that's different. msgbox just blasts through not waiting, unlike uigetdir and other such functions. That's why I've defined msgboxw() in an m-file in my utilities directory that is on my path:
function msgboxw(string)
Then I just call msgboxw() all the time instead of mgsbox().
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Jules Ray
Jules Ray on 4 Nov 2011
thanks image analyst
ok that's working, but what's about to putt all the msgbox and uigetdir into a single layout...
i dont know how guis works or wjat the can do, so my question is. ¿is posible to take many diferents gui's (like my msgbox and uigetdir) and put all into a main gui window?
is posible to do that? what should i use to do that?

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