How do I get rid of lines on a surf command? Also how do I change the surf to green rather than the default gradient colours?

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I am doing my University dissertation and I want rid of the lines that appear on the surface created by the surf command 'surf(xp,yp,zp)'. I have tried 'LinesVisible = FLASE' but it keeps coming up saying that the '=' is not correct. I also want to turn the surface of this plot to green.
Any help would be amazing. Am not the best on Matlab. I can send my code if that helps anyone.
Thanks Grant

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 15 Apr 2015
Yes, but you should realize that 'LinesVisible = FLASE' (despite the misspelling of false) is not even standard syntax in MATLAB for property/value pairs. So you might spend some time familiarizing yourself with that syntax.
You might try the property/value pair: 'edgecolor','none'
I think that is the proper one to kill the lines. Or you can be completely lazy, and just do what I do. So use the command
shading interp
which kills off the lines. Of course, it also causes the shading to be smoother, since it is now interpolated.
If you want the surface to be green, you can use a colormap that will give you shades of green.
colormap summer
shading interp
Or, you can just set the color to be a boring, flat, greenish hue.
h = surf(peaks(50));
set(h,'edgecolor','none','facecolor',[.1 .9 .1])
I would guess that this would usually not make people happy, since it is difficult to visualize the shape. Those edges really do help on a mono-color surface.
set(h,'edgecolor','r','facecolor',[.1 .9 .1])
Lucas_Mathijssen on 21 Oct 2021
As an intermediate solution: I noticed that if you still want the edges - just not so pronounced that they polute your image too much - then you could also reduce the edge thickness by useing a property combination like:
set(h, 'EdgeAlpha',0.3)

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pfb on 15 Apr 2015
Edited: pfb on 15 Apr 2015
It seems to me that you're guessing the syntax here. Better go through the handles.
h = surf(xp,yp,zp)
gives you all the attribute of your surface.
You want linestyle and color
set(h,'linestyle','none','facecolor',[0 .7 0]);
and add some light
pfb on 15 Apr 2015
Interesting... I'm not sure. Perhaps "camlight" instead of "light". Take a look into the documentation "doc camlight"

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Roman Kuc
Roman Kuc on 29 May 2019
Matlab (and Octave) work faster if the 2D mesh array is pre-allocated. This is typically done by M = zeros(nrows,ncols). I found the grid lines annoying and removed them by preallocating with M = 0.01*ones(nrow,ncols) to remove any zero values that seem to cause the problem.

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